kate & jonny, sunset at chambers bay | tacoma, wa engagement photographer

So I finally got to visit Chambers Bay for an engagement session and I am seriously in love with that park (I guess the golf course ain't bad either if you like that sort of thing! The Master's Tournament will be played there in 2015. Kind of cool for little old Tacoma/University Place.)!  Sometimes living out in the boonies just doesn't cut it - even though there's green in my backyard, a great park is so fun to have.  I absolutely miss that from living in London!  Anyway, Chambers Bay is definitely going on my list of go to places to suggest for sessions - if you're up for it, let me know!  
Kate and Jonny are getting married next July and, after meeting them for the first time for their engagement session that included a little impromptu game of barefoot football, awesome views at sunset and a lot of laughing, I am so excited to get to share and contribute to the absolute fun that I know that day will be (photobooth with silly fun props anyone?!).  Kate and Jonny were just so smile-y, so happy and had such an ability to crack each other up, but were also super sweet.  Loved every minute of it!  Check it out for yourselves below and click through to the gallery on the website to see the whole session (and check out the awesomeness that is Chambers Bay!).


Sneak Peek: Little Liam | Chicago Family Photographer

Another session from my last trip to Chicago.  What a super cute little guy!  He got to play mini-Babe Ruth in a quick session at Mt Greenwood Park.  More to come when I post the full session slideshow!  
It, of course, was a beautiful day!  (Much better than we've been having here in Washington lately!)


Evan, 1 month old!

I'm in Chicago for a few weeks to meet my nephew Evan.  He just had his first photo shoot with Auntie Katie and he's a pro already!  He's got some red red hair and a lot of it...and such great expressions.
I've got some other sessions while I'm in Chicago so check back soon!

Haven't got to editing them all yet, but these were so cute I had to share.  

My absolute favorite!

This is his "duck face" - aka "feed me!"


Walker's almost 1!

Walker's birthday is about a week away, so Jamie had me take some pictures a couple of days ago for the party invitation. Of course, I took way more than a couple. Can't help it. The kid's just too darn cute. Here's a few of my favorites...


An Awards Banquet at TPC Snoqualmie Ridge on January 26th

These are from an awards banquet for the Seattle area employees of Franz Bakery.  This was my first "corporate event" and it was very different, but still very fun.  There were actually quite a few similarities between this and what I typically shoot.  I hadn't been up to Snoqualmie Ridge before, but if you live in the greater Seattle area, it's definitely worth a trip!  It's gorgeous up there!  Definitely qualified as a beautiful day!  
The last few pics are more of those happy accidents I love so much.  The last one is, I'll admit, blown out a bit, but I just loved the light and the expressions and the super close crop just made it all that much cooler.


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