My nephew is flippin' hysterical...

...he's getting his front two teeth and just started making this face and blowing out of his nose this past week.  
It is entirely too cute, although I don't think he intends it that way!


Gaudio Family, 10 September 2010

Finished portraits from the Gaudio's family session are up.  You can see all the final images here!


Happy Accidents: Walking along Owen's Beach during Hayley & Dustin's Engagement Session

So, this is from Hayley & Dustin's engagement shoot.  I thought only my glasses were fogged, but the lens fogged up too.  Despite this, I still think it turned out kinda cool.  I like it anyway.


Hayley & Dustin, 19 September 2010

Here's a few engagement photos straight out of the camera from my session with Hayley & Dustin.  We met at Pt Defiance Park in Tacoma - great spot any time of the year, but especially now when all the flowers are still blooming.  I showed up armed with umbrellas and prepared for rain, but got lucky once again when the sun decided to make one of its last few appearances and help a girl out.


Gaudio Family Photos, 10 September 2010

These are a few of my favorites straight out of the camera (no edits just yet) from my session with the Gaudio (and Cordy) family. We lucked out with a perfectly overcast day - not too bright, not too dark. And on the water! I got to put one of my best friends from college to work as my assistant - and she thought she was just coming for a visit and a vacation...Thank you Faith!


Now, if only he could figure out how to flip back over...

Walker says, "Hey there.  Did you know I can roll over now?"
"Yep, it's pretty awesome."
*thinking about how awesome it is*

"It takes a lot of muscle...Grandma says I look like a baby klingon."

"I don't know what she means."

"I'll have to think on it some more."
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